Age Related Eye Disease Studies (AREDS)

Truth about previous studies

The first study (AREDS 1)

The first AREDS study went from 1992-2001 and involved a over 3000 people tracking the development of macular degeneration and how it progressed with the use of certain vitamins.

The second study (AREDS 2)

The second study introduced new vitamins into the formula and was repeated in a similar fashion. Over the course of a few years many people with macular degeneration were followed and reported on their progression in their eyes. The second study proved to be more definitive. 

See the Difference

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What the studies have caused

The eye vitamin explosion

Vitamin sales for ocular assistance has gone up since releasing the results of the studies.

The companies involved in the study and the vitamin manufacturing

these companies stand to make a substantial profit from the sales of vitamins and have in fact.

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